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I am excited to showcase some ministries that have been time tested and proven to be very effective tools for ministry to men. I encourage you to click on the ministry logo and look at these websites. All of these ministries want to serve you in your efforts to equip and encourage your men into a stronger and deeper relationship with Jesus Christ!

Man in the Mirror is a great place to learn foundational logistics for your ministry to men. From simply reading the book,"No Man Left Behind" to elaborate faculty led training, this material will give you a foundation that will last throughout your ministry building.

Explore this website and call me with your questions!

Barry Brown, our treasurer, went to an "Intentional Way"event with Jeff Kasiah and was impressed with what he experienced. I know Jeff Kasiah and I would endorse him as well.

Check out this ministry by clicking here 

Iron Sharpens Iron is a one day equipping conference across the country. These conferences have 2 keynote speakers, 16 different breakout sessions, worship, and resources designed to help your ministry become aware of ministries you can use in your church. The ISI website is: 

EVERY MAN A WARRIOR builds men! It’s relevant, recounting the stories of real men dealing with real life struggles and how God has solutions. EVERY MAN A WARRIOR equips men to succeed in the most significant issues of their lives.

I recommend your looking into what Every Man a Warrior offers to you and your men!