LCMC-Lutheran Men – From the Promotion’s Secretary

Lutheran Men is an organization within the Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ (LCMC).  It is a national organization with the purpose of worshiping God through the Mission Loan Fund and the Mission Gift Fund.

The mission loan fund allows congregations to receive no interest loans for construction of new churches.  It is supported by the “Buck a Month Club” within Lutheran Men.  Each man donates one dollar each month to this fund. The mission gift fund allows congregations to receive grants for things required by the church or for outreach activities.  A congregation can ask for virtually anything other than renovation projects.  It is supported by the “Committee of 100” Each man donates a minimum of $100 each year.  Imagine the good we could do if every man in LCMC would participate in these two funds…certainly every man could support the Buck-A-Month Club.

The Mission of Lutheran Men:

  • Continue with raising funds as in the past for the Mission Loan Fund.
  • Send out resource descriptions of different ministries that specifically target men. These are valuable to know about.
  • Recommend conferences for men that will help you grow and learn more about conference resources. Men attending conferences designed for them is a unique experience, especially when a group goes together.
  • Open communications for the men throughout the LCMC to share what works and encourage each other.

Congregations can have their own Lutheran Men’s organization.  The mission and activities of the local organizations must comply with the general goals and mission of the national organization, but the local organization can be as creative as they want within those standards. 

The Promotion’s Secretary will send out information in February and August with information about the two campaigns.

Chuck Hunsaker

Promotion’s Secretary

Donate online using the link below. Look for Donation then select Designation, then Lutheran Men.