Mission FUnd Report

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A testimonial regarding the LCMC-LM grant for church plants! -

“The generous grant we received from the LCMC Lutheran Men was a tremendous blessing and help to us as a young church plant. We were transitioning to a new and larger worship space, so the extra funds came at a critical time for us to continue and reach more people with the good news of Jesus. Then last year our church plant had reached the capacity to send out another church plant, and we once again were able to count on a large gift from the LCMC Lutheran Men. These gifts keep on giving! We are incredibly grateful for your partnership in ministry.” -

Pastor Bjorn Dixon

Bjorn Dixon, Pastor, the WHY Church

Elk River YMCA, 13337 Business Center Dr NW, Elk River, MN 55330

cell: 763.350.4093 :: office: 763.230.2814



LCMC-LM Fund Report

                              Final 2018 LCMC-LM Fund Report     

Committee of 100  

Balance forward      $43,106.31

2018 Contributions $  11,746.41

                                    -$5,669.74 Victory Church Crismon Campus Grant

                                       - $500.00 Grace in the Desert Grant

                                       -$125.00 Vendor table at Gathering 

                                       -$1100.00 Reformation Cataula, GA

Balance (12/31/18)    $47,457.74


Buck A Month

Balance forward       $127,548.64                                                               

2018 Contributions     $20,752.69

Balance(12/31/18)     $148,301.33