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Officers of the Lutheran Men are:


Chuck Hunsaker



Vice President - Vacant

Treasurer -

Barry Brown
Phone: 864-490-2581


Promotion Secretary - Vacant

Grant Committee Chair -

David Kight
Phone: 979-541-3819


Pastoral Advisor 

Wilson Metz
Phone: 402-521-0046


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If you would like to be a part of the network, or have questions, connect with Rich Gerberding

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Pastor Wilson Metz

1441 Bills Drive
Ashland, NE 68003
Phone 402.650.1417

LCMC-LM eMail Network

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Welcome to the LCMC-LM eMail Network!

As the leadership of the Lutheran Men has been sensing there is a need to have resources available to the men of the association, we are building this network for you men to use.

Be sure to come by the Lutheran Men table in the exhibit hall. There are some great resource books and information for you to consider using. Great tools for sure! Stop by and say hello!

Our Mission:

Continue with raising funds as in the past for the Mission Loan Fund. 

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Send out resource descriptions of different ministries that specifically target men. These are valuable to know about.

Recommend conferences for men that will help you grow and learn more about conference resources. Men attending conferences designed for them is a unique experience, especially when a group goes together.

Open communications for the men throughout the LCMC to share what works and encourage each other.