From the Promotion secretary

September is the campaign month for Lutheran Men’s Gift Fund which is funded by the “Committee of 100.” It is a committee that never meets!  Men can become a member of the committee by donating $100.   

The Gift Fund is a fund that supports an LCMC mission congregation by an outright gift to the congregation. Gift Funds are to be used primarily, but not exclusively, for start-up office equipment in mission congregations. If you have ever planted a new congregation, you know how important…and difficult to get…financial resources can be. The gift fund can help supply those vitally important resources.

Gift Funds must be approved by the Grant Request Committee by a two-thirds majority vote. Gifts to LCMC mission congregations are announced or presented at the LCMC Annual Gathering. 

Please encourage your “Key Man” to give a brief chapel talk to kick off the campaign when September rolls around.

You can download a Mission Appeal insert for your bulletin from our web site ( This insert can be used for both the Buck-a-Month Club and the Committee of 100. If your men have not contributed to the Buck-a-Month Club, why not send in a check for $112 and help us fund both programs!

All funds should be sent to the LCMC office at the following address: LCMC-LM, 7000 North Sheldon Road, Canton, MI 48187.

Yours in Christ

Charles R. (Chuck) Hunsaker                                                                             

 Promotions Secretary                                                                                                              

LCMC Lutheran Men

Key Men,
We are fast approaching the beginning of March which brings with it our campaign season for the Mission Loan Fund which is funded by the “Buck-A-Month Club.”  The Mission Loan Fund is our program whereby mission and small congregations can receive interest free loans for building purposes.
Every man in an LCMC congregation is urged to join and to give $12 a year (preferably at one time) to the Mission Loan Fund. Why $12? There were 12 Disciples. The $12 is to remind us that Jesus called us to be his disciples in the world today. There were 12 Tribes of Israel. They were called to be God's People, even as today the Gospel of Jesus Christ calls us to be God's People. There are 12 months in a year, and $1 a month is an achievable goal for just about everyone.
Just imagine what we can achieve if every man in LCMC becomes a member of the Buck-A-Month Club.  That $12 per year would help fund new churches.  If you have ever been involved in planting a new church or securing building funds by a small church, you know the difficulty of obtaining money from banks.  Many want a significant down payment, a certain number of members, and/or a certified amount of monthly giving.
By giving a single dollar for each month of the year, you can greatly help mission and small congregations reach that often times impossible goal of obtaining a new building.  Please consider becoming a member of the Buck-A-Month Club and work to get the men of your congregation to join as well.
Attached is a bulletin insert that can be used during March.  Let’s make this March the best one ever for Lutheran Men!

God's Blessing to All!
Charles R.Hunsaker

Charles R. (Chuck) Hunsaker
Promotions Secretary

Think about joining the Buck-a-Month Club or the Committee of 100 where your support can help with supporting new congregations, small congregations or even to help plant a new congregation. The cost for each of these is minimal, but they can provide an outstanding contribution to a church thirsting for support. Read More - Click Here